Medieval Inspired Outdoor Camping Dinnerware Utensil Set | Leather Carrying Case Included

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This medieval-themed cutlery set includes a two-prong fork, spoon, knife, and a black genuine leather holding case. The handles are twisted which lends elegance to the design and provides comfortable grip. The utensils are composed entirely of iron so they are durable and strong. The knife comes pre-sharpened so this set is ready for use as soon as it is delivered. As for the case, simply lift the flap at the top and slip the utensils in and they are ready to be taken on the go. The leather case comes equipped with a belt loop so this cutlery set is ready to assist with any cravings you have.

Length: 7.5 Inches (Spoon), 7.38 Inches (Fork), 8.5 Inches (Knife)

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