Long-awaited Match Wooden Swords Choice of Brown or Black

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Training with a sword doesn’t only train your hands, feet, and eyes but also your mind. It instills in you a sense of determination and the ability to push yourself towards reaching your goals. The Long-awaited Match Bokkens are a pair of wooden training swords that come in brown or black. Both swords have tan genuine leather handle wrap to soften the 8.25-inch handle and provide extra grip. The swords are full size at 40 inches with 31.5-inch blades so the Long-awaited Match Bokken are fully functional. You have the option to get either the brown or black one or get a set of two so you can spar with a friend. Both bokken come with a hand guard already in place so there is no assembly required. The Long-awaited Match Wooden Bokken are the perfect training swords with size and durability to last for decades. Overall Length: 40 Inches. Weight: 1.3 lbs.

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