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Into the Badlands Tactical Tanto Automatic OTF Knife

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Its a jungle out there. Prepare yourself accordingly with a knife that shows everyone that you mean business. OTF knives are great for this because not only do they look menacing, but they also provide immediate security with just the push of a button.  Our Badlands is a double action, meaning that you can eject and contract the blade with the same button instead of manually having to close it. The blade itself is forged from stainless steel with a tanto style and two toned finish. Tantos are extremely useful because they give that extra cutting edge. Circular fullers run half along the center of the knife with a tank tread spine. The handle is constructed of zinc alloy, making it extremely durable, and has a digital desert camouflage to top it off. The glass breaker on the butt of the handle is perfect for any emergency that requires knocking out a window or busting heads. As an added bonus, this knife also comes with a nifty nylon sheath so you can take it anywhere you go. Overall Length: 8.38 Inches