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Holy Spirit 100% Pure Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle Paper Weight

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Let’s have a “Come to Jesus” moment! These knuckledusters are made from 100% pure brass with a nice antiqued finish, and make a badass accessory for your belt. Black crosses are deeply engraved into the knuckles. Most novelty knuckles on the market today are made from cheap steel, but these knuckles are built to withstand heavy hits and have your opponent begging for forgiveness! Not only is it a nice statement piece, it also doubles as a means for self-defense (even though that is not its intended purpose!). Bring down the Holy Spirit across your attacker’s cheek and give them a mark they’ll never forget. Overall Length: 2.5 inches, Overall Width: 4.35 inches


*Please note that slight imperfections may be visible.