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Fisticuffs 100% Solid Brass Classic Knuckle Duster Novelty Paper Weight Knuckles

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You just came to the bar to have a few drinks, but the goofball next to you clearly has different intentions. As he continues to bark drunken remarks, you slip into your pocket and ready yourself for a good ole’ fashioned brawl. Good thing you came prepared! Our Fisticuffs Novelty Paperweight is composed of 100% pure brass and features a traditional knuckle design with a cutout palm area for reduced weight. This solid brass construction makes these knuckles perfect for self-defense and hard-hitting offense. The gleaming gold finish is sure to brighten any office desk and weigh down your paperwork in style. If you would prefer to use it then no worries; the finger holes are a full inch in size so anyone can wear these knuckles! Overall Length: 4.5 inches, Overall Width: 2.5 inches