Dragon Hunter Medieval Steel Practice Gauntlets Leather Gloves Included

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Gauntlets are armored gloves or mittens designed to protect the fingers, hands, wrists and the forearms. Historically, gauntlets were an important piece of armor, since the hands and arms were particularly vulnerable in hand-to-hand combat. Our Dragon Hunter Medieval Steel Gauntlets are made of polished 20 Gauge steel with brown suede gloves within the inner lining to protect the hands from the steel by providing cushioning as you practice your sword techniques. Red leather adds another layer of protection while also adding detail. With steel scale-like rivets, these gauntlets are intricately designed. The authentic design allows the fingers to move naturally and the open cuff allows comfortable wrist movement. They are very comfortable to wear, offer great protection for the hand and wrist, and also allow mobility.

Hand Forged
Material: 20 Gauge Steel, Brown Suede, Premium Leather
Overall Length: 8 inches
Overall Width: 7 inches
Adult Large Fitment
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