Comeuppance Karambit Style Automatic Dual Action OTF Knife

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The popularity of automatic knives has risen significantly over the last few years, especially OTFs. This knife in particular looks as though it came straight from an action movie! The stainless-steel blade deploys out the front (hence the name), but at a curve following the handle. This curved blade features a black and shiny red finish and sharp cutting edge. The matte black handle is made from durable zinc aluminum and features a carbon fiber inlay on either side adds to the appeal, as if it needed any additional help. The hardware used to hold the knife together has been painted red to match the blade. A sturdy pocket clip is located on the back of the handle, and the switch to deploy and retract the blade is located on the side near the end of the handle. At the end of the handle is the karambits signature large finger hole which makes it difficult to disarm and allows the knife to be maneuvered in the fingers without losing one's grip. This nifty knife comes complete with a black nylon sheath with a belt loop and quick release. Overall Length: 8.5 Inches, Blade Length: 3 Inches



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