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Champions 16g Bevor Plate Functional Armor

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The bevor offers optimal protection for the lower face, neck, and collar area.  It is polished to shine with its 16g battle ready grade construction.  Pair it with a sallet helmet and you will have full protection from the top of the shoulders up.  What is so great about the bevor is it has an added movable piece that you can pull up to extend that protection to the mouth and nose. Provided is an adjustable leather strap with steel buckle to strap this piece on. Use this bevor to complete that armor set you have been piecing together or pair it with a hauberk.  There are just so many ways you can wear this amazing item.  It adds authenticity to any costume used in re-enactments or on stage.  Use it when training or practicing as added protection.  I cant tell you how thankful you will be when you get your very own Champions 16g Bevor Plate Functional Armor.

Overall Length: 12.50 Inches
Overall Width: 10 Inches
Overall Height: 6 Inches
Extended Height: 7.75 Inches
Material: 16 Gauge Steel

Leather Adjustable Strap with Steel Buckle
Battle Ready
Size: L