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Buffalo Black Drinking Horn

Closeout Buffalo Black Drinking Horn
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4J6, 26A2, 26A3
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Our Buffalo Black Drinking Horn is one of the most eye catching horns around. Its not graced with the exuberant coloration that many other horns display today. This horn possesses a simple all natural design where the craftsman has scaled the horn to be reminiscent of fish scales. The coloration will vary from time to time because the horn is 100% natural. With the Buffalo Black drinking horn the possibilities are endless, give as a gift, re-enactments, theater, ceremonies, or maybe a period wedding. This piece has been hand polished with great care for a quality you can treasure. The horns inner layers need to be covered in bees wax before adding in fluids. Carry your horn with you to the next renaissance fair so you can enjoy your favorite brew with style.

Material: Horn
Horn Height: 10.5 in.
Horn Opening Width: 1.75 in.
Horn Opening Length: 3.25
Horn Bottom Width: 0.5 in.
Estimated Capacity: 4-8 oz