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Art of the Raid Viking Horn with Stand

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Our Art of the Raid Viking Horn with Stand honors the skill of invading and pillaging.  In the mind of the Norse people, raiding was very distinct from theft. Theft was abhorrent.  According to the Norse mythology as told in Snorra Edda, theft was one of the few acts that would condemn a man to a place of torment after his death. On the other hand, raiding was an honorable challenge to a fight, with the victor retaining all of the spoils.  This drinking horn is polished inside and out with green and red dye painted in streaks.  It also includes a horn stand constructed of hand forged iron with twists on the sides.  This horn would be great at a renaissance fair or on display on the mantle!

Horn Height: 13 - 15 Inches    
Horn Width: 2.5 - 5  Inches    
Stand Size: 6.25 x 7 Inches    
Includes: Twisted Iron Hand Forged Stand
Estimated Capacity: 10-17oz