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Armory Replicas ™ Dance of Dragons EN45 High Carbon Steel Fully Functional Falchion Sword

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This robustly built and impressive falchion brought you by Armory Replicas is just a monster of sturdiness that will resist even the very worse of the rigors of full-contact or Buhurt fights. The blade is made of a thick and well-tempered flexible EN45 high carbon spring steel with appropriate blunted edges that maintain the required thickness throughout. This emphasis on weight, balance and proper distal taper allows for a robust weapon that nevertheless keeps excellent thrusting ability mixed with surprisingly fast cuts. Its cross guard and pommel are made of solid steel and are directly welded to a wide and sturdy tang for a nearly indestructible overall construction. This beast doesn’t only hit hard and is seemingly unbreakable, but IT ALSO JUST LOOKS DAMN COOL! The grip is finished with high quality leather and the blade is expertly etched with impressive floral designs that would immediately catch the eye of any connoisseur. Not only that but the falchion is also provided with a FREE matching genuine leather holder displaying a magnificent dragon design!!! Everyone LOVES falchions for their convenience and practicality, especially in heavy fight and group fight where their shortened blade with an impressive strike force is a perfect weapon for close combat. But here you have the perfect alliance of brute force and pure elegance!


Fully Functional

Blade Material: EN45 Forged High Carbon Flexible Spring Steel

Intricate Floral Design

Genuine Leather-Wrapped Handle

Steel Bolster and Pommel

Tooled Genuine Leather Holster included (Dragon Print)

Practice and Training Sword

Comes Dull; Can be Sharpened



Full Tang Construction

Battle Ready

Overall Length: 29 inches

Blade Length: 22 inches

Blade Thickness: (Near Guard): 5.35 mm (Near Point): 3.95 mm

Handle Length: 7 inches

DOF: 30-45°