Abyssal Apparatus OTF Automatic Out the Front Knife

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The deep sea hides things. The darkness thicker than darkness hides leviathans and life stranger than you might think. Yet even where light cannot reach there are predators. The Abyssal Apparatus OTF is an automatic knife with a matte black aluminum handle accentuated with blue finished hardware. The switch is on the side which adds to the ease of single handed deployment of the blade and matches the handle for a complete, cohesive look. Upon pushing the switch up, a spear pointed, deep blue blade springs from the top of the handle. This blade is stainless steel with an alluring indigo finish fit with a fuller with 4 holes along it to assist with balance and weight distribution. The Abyssal Apparatus OTF comes with a black nylon sheath as all creatures of the abyss prefer to wait in darkness for their next target. Overall Length (Open): 8.25 Inches. Weight: 7.3 oz./0.45 lbs.

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