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Translation of Heavens Damascus Steel Drop Point Hunting Knife

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How do you represent the sky itself with a knife? Well, that’s easy. First, you make it blue; the handle, that is. Well, then you make it huge. The sky is huge so the knife is huge, right? There has to be some gold in there, to represent the sunshine and something to represent the clouds, too. Either mottle the blue in the handle to make it look cloudy or you could also use a Damascus blade so the wavy pattern in the blade looks like flowing clouds. The blade shape needs to be long and straight. Either a straight back or the slightest of drop points so that when someone holds the Translation of Heavens Drop Point Decorative Damascus Knife up to the sky, they think for a moment that they are seeing the sky from an arrow’s perspective.

The Translation of Heavens Drop Point Decorative Damascus Knife fits all these criteria, don’t you think? Its like a small piece of sky with a beautiful blue resin handle and a blade that seems as though it can and wants to pierce the sky. The 10 inch blade is composed of Damascus steel which is a combination of 15N20 and 1095 high carbon steel resulting in a tough, shatter-resistant, and gorgeous blade. The wavy pattern it features is due to the two metals coming together but not mixing; instead they bond more closely to each other without losing their own forms, just like water droplets. The Translation of Heavens Drop Point Decorative Damascus Knife comes with its own complimentary genuine leather sheath with a sunflower bead on it so you can take it under any sky you wish. Overall Length: 16 Inches, Blade Length: 10.25 Inches