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Mutation Warning Balisong Flipper Butterfly Knife

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$8.99 - $15.99

Careful, the radiation waves pour out; blurring and aggressively mutating everything it touches. The Mutation Warning Balisong Knife is just a sign of future troubles. The knife is titanium or rainbow colored and the colors changing in the light resembles a toxic miasma. The blade is stainless steel and curvy which lends itself to the mutated aesthetic (or you can upgrade to a damascus steel blade!). The unique blade shape also brings an intrigue to the design of this knife. The handles are aluminum which provides strength while keeping the weight down. The Mutation Warning Butterfly Knife comes equipped with a lock connected to the base of the left handle. Simply close the knife and slide the lock into the right handle and the knife will stay closed. Overall Length: 9 Inches, Blade Length: 4.75 Inches


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