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Missing Piece Prop Cosplay Kunai Throwing Knife

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A costume is never complete without props. No matter how long you spend on the clothes, no matter how incredible and intricate the outfit looks, there’s always that something that’s missing. The real heart of the characters we portray is in their actions and most of their actions are carried out by use of their signature piece. A cosplay is not complete without it. Not to mention, when holding their signature item, you really feel like you are them. You can better remember their phrases and portray them better. No costume is complete without that crucial piece and the Missing Piece Prop Cosplay Kunai Throwing Knife is exactly what you need for any ninja cosplay.

The Missing Piece Prop Cosplay Kunai Throwing Knife is a throwing knife composed of ABS Plastic with a gold-colored nylon wrapped handle. The kunai knife has the signature finger hole in the pommel that measures a diameter of 0.75 inches. This piece is advantageous to cosplaying ninjas because of the ABS construction. ABS is durable plastic and won’t break easily so it will last. It also lends itself to a realistic look without forcing you to carry a heavy piece of solid metal around a con for hours on end just to achieve the same look. If your outfit needs it then this light, realistic looking kunai can even be attached to your outfit. It will give the appearance of being real without having the weight to pull your outfit down. The Missing Piece Prop Cosplay Kunai Throwing Knife is the perfect addition to your ninja cosplay. Overall Length: 9.75 inches. Weight: 0.1 lbs.