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Mercenary Gurkha Kukri Blade High Carbon Steel

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This massive high carbon steel combat knife is sized well enough the use as a machete, but agile like a battle knife. Thickness of the blade is a whopping 5.5mm of solid power, promising to withstand any brutal treatment you give it. It comes unsharpened and prepared for reenactments.

The guard and pommel are both solid brass, and the pommel is hand carved into the shape of a Lion. Each Mercenary Gurkha Kukri Blade is unique and hand made one at a time, featuring it's own individual balancing and calibrating.
Hardwood is shaped into a scabbard that is wrapped in leather and stitched from top to bottom. At the base is a shiny brass fitting that looks outstanding on the black leather. Two additional 4 inch accessory blades are nestled into the scabbard for simple small tasks, making this entire set more like a blade kit.

Overall Length: 17.5 Inches. Blade Length: 12.5 Inches. Blade Thickness: 5.48mm. Blade: Full Tang, Heavy Duty Kukri, Non-Sharp. Blade Material: High Carbon Steel, Battle Ready. Guard: Solid Brass. Handle Length: 4.25 Inches. Handle: Carved Wood, Seamless, Full Tang. Pommel: Solid Brass, Lion Engraving. Scabbard: Wood, Genuine Leather Wrapped, Brass Fitting. Frog: Genuine Leather, Steel Rivet, Double Belt Loop. Includes: Two Secondary Knives, Steal, 4.1 Inches Long.