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Medieval European Functional EN45 High Carbon Steel Full Tang Knightly Arming Sword

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The Arming sword or “Knightly” sword was a standard military sword used throughout the 10th-15th centuries, developing from the 9th Century Viking sword. The term “Arming Sword” was first used in the 15th century after these swords ceased to serve as a main weapon and more of a side-sword. This replica arming sword is fully functional with a 31 ½ inch blade constructed of tempered EN45 high carbon steel that has been heat treated and quenched to perfection. The blade is well-balanced and offers a Degree of Flexibility around 30-45°. Though the double-sided blade is factory edged, it can easily be sharpened to your liking. The handle is wrapped in exquisite brown leather for a comfortable feel in your hand. This sword features a traditional long straight cross guard as well as a Brazilian nut-shaped pommel, both made entirely of 100% pure brass. This expertly crafted sword is a perfect fit for your arsenal, and comes with a FREE brown genuine leather-wrapped scabbard to house the blade when not in use. Overall Length: 38 inches, Blade Length: 31.5 inches