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Loveland Lizards Survival Prep Knife

Closeout Loveland Lizards Survival Prep Knife
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Preppers get ready!  The Loveland Lizards Survival Prep Knife is a bright green so it doesnt get lost easily.  Use the cord on the end of the knife to tie it to your bug out bag or your hiking pack.  The sharp blade is made of a black finished stainless steel thats sturdy and strong with a cut out and indentations along the side to make it light and easier to carry.  On the spine a row of decorative saw teeth strike fear in the heart of your enemies just like the Loveland Lizard did.  Just like a good prepper ought to be, this baby comes stocked with a survival kit that has a fishing line, hook and weight, matches to start a fire and sandpaper tucked away inside the rubberized ABS handle and sealed off with a steel butt cap. Overall length is 15 Inches.