Lightning Avenger Replica Foam LARP Costume Cosplay War Axe Hammer

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"A king's weapon. Meant to be the greatest in Asgard. In theory, it could even summon the Bifrost.” These were the words spoken by Eitri of the extraordinary weapon intended for the king of Asgard. Given the name Stormbreaker, this axe hammer is forged by Eitri from ingots of Uru and the arm of Groot. This powerful weapon increases Thor’s lightning power exponentially, and can summon the Bifrost bridge. Hold the power of Thor in your own hands with this foam replica battle axe. The axe is made from durable polyurethane foam and has a 10mm core for strength. Hand painted details make this axe the perfect accessory to your Avenger’s cosplay. Overall Length: 28.25 inches, Blade Length: 7.5 inches, Handle Length: 24 inches

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