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Late Medieval Gambeson - Extra Large

AT3, AT3, AW1
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Dating from the 15th Century, this stylistic evolution offers a more comfortable fit and front lace tie strings replacing the neck enclosures found in older designs. Jacket is fully open at the front and enclosed within an outer shell and inner lining comprised of 100% cotton are thick layers of wool and cotton padding. Width under the arm pits: 24 Inches Length of the full sleeve: 21 Inches Length from shoulder to bottom of the coat: 35 Inches Circumference of sleeve at the upper end: 20 Inches Circumference of sleeve at the wrist: 13 Inches Width at the waist: 24 Inches Width at the bottom of the coat: 28 Inches Circumference of the neck line: 21 Inches Upper Shoulder Size (Neck to Puff): 4 Inches Length of the Puff: 8 Inches