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Kingdom of Heaven Ibelin Medieval Dagger Short Sword

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Featured in the hit movie Kingdom of Heaven, this was the sword which Guy gave to Bailion before reaching Jerusalem. You can now own this historical sword dagger for a low price from SwordsSwords which features a cast metal pommel decorated with a red cross and written around it is Knights Crusade. The well-fixed handle offers a great feel when wielding this short sword in your hands and sports a great cast metal cross guard with two animal face on both sides. The handle is also accented with silver rings separating the brown ABS fixture. The dagger style 17 inch double sided blade is non-sharp with a beautiful ridge line in the middle offering this historical masterpiece a great balance. The ornate scabbard is simple in design with cast metal fittings and a cream colored finish which sports a shoulder strap for easy carrying. This Kingdom of Heaven Ibelin Medieval Dagger Short Sword is great for on-stage performance or creates a great collectible piece.