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King Arthur Excalibur Medieval Sword

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This is a shorter version of the original sword and features a wire wrapped grip. The blade of the sword is polished 440 Stainless Steel with a slightly sharpened edge and a sharp point. A ridge runs the length of the blade. The scabbard of the sword is wooden with dull gloss black finish. The scabbard throat is steel with an ornate pattern of scroll work. In the middle of the scabbard is an image of the mythical round table in relief. The guard of the sword is solid steel with two dragons on each side. In the center of the Quillon is a another image of the round table. The handle of the sword is steel with a wire wrap for grip. The pommel of the sword is solid with a cut out pattern. Overall Length: 35.5 Inches. Blade Length: 27.5 Inches. Blade: Factory Sharp, Polished, Stainless Steel. Handle Length: 7 Inches.