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Killer Danger Coming Bill Hook Machete

Closeout Killer Danger Coming Bill Hook Machete
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An ancient agricultural implement with a curved blade for chopping around curved objects like tree trunks, the addition of a longer handle and a reverse hook blade easily turn this simple tool into a weapon of war. Extending through the handle and secured by dual screws, the stainless steel blade is very strong and thick and comes sharp. The bill hook is also sharpened and is ideally suited for gripping and cutting vines and brambles. The rubberized handle provides a solid grip and keeps the blade securely in hand; it is decorated with green highlights. Overall Length: 16.5 Inches Blade Length: 10.5 Inches Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Black Anodize Finish with Silver edge  Hook Blade Length: 2 Inches  lade Thickness: 3.65 mm Handle Length: 6 Inches Handle Material: ABS, Rubber Grip Includes: Free Snap fastened Nylon Case, Belt Loop.