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Japanese Black Knight Dragon Warrior 1045 Carbon Steel Katana

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The 29 inch black 1045 carbon steel blade is built to perform with a razor sharp edge.  Each of the full tang Japanese Black Knight Dragon Warrior Sword's blade have been heat treated offering a blackened blade with blood grooves on both sides. The blood groove helps with a more perfect balance for this straight and exquisite sword blade. The intricately detailed dragon design tsuba and guard will have you wondering which Japanese sword master handcrafted this gorgeous weapon. The handle is wrapped in a dark brown cord to match the cord wrapped wood scabbard that is included with each sword.  The handle also offers two gold dragons Menuki while the Kashira sports a cloud design. The scabbard is traditional wood made with a solid high gloss lacquer finish. It features the traditional bull horn Saego wrapped around the Shitodome. This prized Japanese sword comes complete with a black cotton sword bag.