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Femme Fatale Miniature Damascus Steel Automatic Out the Front Knife

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Rainbows have never looked so deadly. The Damascus steel dagger point style blade is made from a blend of 1095/15N20 steels that have been folded over and over approximately 176-180 times to give it that beautiful and unique wave-like pattern. This automatic out the front knife is perfect because it is dual-action, meaning you can eject and retract your blade with only the push of a button. The handle casing is made from a durable zinc aluminum alloy and comes with a sleek matte black coating. An added feature to the handle is its diamond grip design. This is perfect for better grip, especially in wet conditions. This dual-action automatic knife also comes equipped with a titanium colored screws, pocket clip and glass breaker in case of emergencies, and the contrast with the black handle really makes the it pop. Included with your knife is a nylon sheath with snap closure and belt loop so you can conveniently carry it anywhere. Overall Length: 7 inches, Blade Length: 2.75 inches