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European Historical Replica Decorative Display Sword Scabbard Included

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The blade of this medieval European sword is constructed of sturdy steel with a beautiful polished finish, and comes oiled to protect from rusting. Sheesham Heartwood is used to make the unique rectangular handle. A rectangular pommel and crescent-shaped cross guard both made from 100% pure brass complement the natural wood handle nicely. The pommel is adorned with engravings that depict rays of sunshine and clouds. Included is a Wooden scabbard that has been wrapped in premium black leather, and features brass locket and chape.

Blade Material: Polished Steel; Oiled
Rectangular Natural Wood Handle
Pure Brass Guard and Pommel
For Display Only
Overall Length: 35.5 inches
Blade Length:29.5 inches
Handle Length: 6 inches
Guard Length: 5 inches