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Drogo's Wrath Medieval Adjustable Leather Scaled Arm Bracer | Brown |

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They say that those who possess the Wrath of Drogo are some of the most terrifying warriors alive. These fighters will take down their opponents by any means necessary. Some would even say that these warriors bring with them the fires of hell. This bracer was made for such a warrior; one with the heart of a dragon and a thirst for blood. The base is made from thick brown genuine bovine leather, with leather plates that protrude from the base to add dimension and give the look of dragon scales. The brown scales are held on with durable silver hardware. Silver rivets line the sides with a leather cord so you can adjust the bracer for a comfortable fit. Bring forth hellfire and brimstone on the battlefield, because this bracer is fully intended for use and can withstand heavy blows. With the power of Drogo's Wrath, nothing will stand in your way. Also available in Black and Red and Black and Green