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Dark Crusade Pure Brass Steel Great Helm Knights Helmet

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The great helm is today especially popular amongst live-action role players and in medieval re-enactments. This type of helmet was great as it provided good protection for the head against both sharp and blunt weapons. Knights usually wore the great helm over a mail coif sometimes in conjunction with a close-fitting iron skull cap known as a cervelliere. This great helm is constructed of hand-forged 20-gauge steel with a matte black finish. This helm has menacing narrow eye slits and a ventilated face guard for maximum protection. A beautiful cross made from 100% pure brass adorns the center of front and stretches top to bottom and side to side. Each piece has been riveted to the frame of this helmet making it durable and solid. Inside a leather suspension liner is provided for comfort and includes an adjustable chin strap with pure brass buckle. To prevent rusting and prolong the life of the helmet it comes protected with an oil coating. Overall Length: Approximately 13 Inches, Internal Diameter, Front to back: 9.34 Inches, Internal Diameter, Side to Side: 9.50 Inches