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Damascus Steel Silver Lotus Pocket Knife

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No other blades throughout history possess the mystique and intrigue as Damascus Blades.  They are literally pieces of art and this blade is no different.  Handcrafted in a Random pattern see how the banding of metal swirl and ripple reminiscent of flowing water.  If the unique design of the blade doesnt grab you the hybrid style between a drop point and sheeps foot surely will.   The handle is also nothing to shy away from.  Made from quality materials such as brass and copper feel how heavy it is in your palm.  Double walled and built to last this handle is held together with powerful rivets.  The interior walls are constructed of brass with a tank tread design and also include a liner locking mechanism. The outer plates are made completely from copper with a silver finish.   A floral design is featured on both sides on the handle.  For an added bonus we have included a handmade leather sheath with a snap closure and belt loop.  To add a little flair the sheath has been stained and tooled in a basket weave pattern with a stag design.

Overall Length: 8.25 Inches
Blade Length: 3.75 Inches
Blade Width: 1.13 Inch
Blade Thickness: 2.84 mm
Blade Material: Damascus Steel
Handle Length: 4.50 Inches
Handle Width: .85 Inch
Handle Thickness: .55 Inch
Handle Material: Copper with Brass Inlay

Drop Point
Pattern: Random
Mosaic Pin
Thumb Stud
Double Walled
Liner Lock
176 Blade Layers
Blades Temper is around 54 to 55
Floral Design