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Damascus Mine Shaft Automatic Lever Lock Knife

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Damascus opens up a whole new world of style and durability in knives. It is known for its ability to hold an edge and the beautiful patterns it comes in. This Damascus steel blade it is truly exquisite. The sturdy frame is made from solid brass with a decorative white copper bolster.  The double walled construction will not disappoint. Several brass pins hold the horn handle together with style.  The drop point Damascus blade has a unique random pattern with 176 blade layers that has been tempered at around 54 to 55. The partial serration is a great added function. The Damascus consists of 1095/15N20 Alloy Steel.  The chiseled spine work is exquisite. Deploying the blade is easy.  Just press the lever down and watch it fly. The entire piece is custom made for a truly unique blade.Overall Length: 8.25 Inches.