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Damascus Lever Lock Blue Ridge Automatic Knife

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This knife is a combination between a classic Italian stiletto and a Lever Lock with the added bonus of a Damascus blade. Damascus steel was a type of steel used for manufacturing sword blades in the Near East made with wootz steel.  These swords are characterized by distinctive patterns of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water. Such blades were reputed to be tough, resistant to shattering and capable of being honed to a sharp, resilient edge. Today you find this beautiful steel being used in hunting and pocket knives.  This Damascus blade comes with an automatic function.  Just push the lever down and watch the magic. The handle is constructed of wood and stained with a blue stained finish.  Brass pins have been used to mount the wooden plates onto the brass frame. Both the lever and pommel comes in solid polished brass. The blade comes in a random pattern and made from Damascus steel with 176 blade layers that have been tempered at around 54 to 55. The chiseled spine just adds to the piece.  Add it to your collection while supplies last. Overall Length:  9 Inches, Blade Length:  4 Inches