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Blood in the Water Clip Point Hunting Knife

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The red light casts an ominous haze on the water that ripples ever so slightly. Branches against the red bend and crack with the most awful sound. The Blood in the Water Hunting Knife is a vision of dread in a polished, gorgeous, and functional knife. A clip point blade shape adorns this beast and provides a gentle curve as well as a broad blade cheek for processing game. The size of the knife, 10 inches with a 5.5-inch blade, is perfect for small to medium game and the blade comes sharp so it is ready for action upon delivery. This blade is composed of acid washed 440c stainless steel which resists corrosion so the Blood in the Water Hunting Knife can be used in any conditions without much upkeep necessary. This knife is full tang to maximize strength and features hand cut grooves in the tang filled in with black resin to max out style as well.

Let’s talk about the handle. The bolster is composed of brown dyed camel bone with varying shades and patterns while the bottom section of the handle is a section of pinecone encased in resin which results in an eerie and interesting design. Bone is a common material for knife scales and for good reason, they provide the strength a knife handle needs to remain in use and they are beautiful. However, the resin is not just for looks either. Resin is known as an incredibly strong, durable material that can hold up to intense use. The Blood in the Water Hunting Knife is crafted with durability and strength in mind which gives it the potential to be your best hunting knife. It also comes with a brown genuine leather sheath for safe storage and carry. Overall Length: 10 Inches. Weight: 0.74 lbs.