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Battle Ready Chausses Chain Mail Leggings

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Mail is the quintessential armor of the ancient and medieval world.  Mail was made of interlocked wire rings to form a metal mesh.  While mail shirts, called hauberks or haubergeons, were used to protect the torso chain leggings called chausses were used to protect the lower extremities.  Chausses were made the same way as mail shirts using metal rings woven together to make a metal mesh of butted or rivited links.  Worn by Norman Knights at the Battle of Hastings as well as Crusaders. Mail chausses were a primary defense for the legs before the use of full plate armor. Our Mail Chausses (leggings) are made of butted steel links to reduce cost but still offering protection for the full leg, front and back. The chausses are designed to hang from a waist belt. They include an extension of mail (half sabaton) to cover the tops of the feet, which may be attached to footwear with points or straps around the foot. Suitable for re-creation of the 11th-14th centuries.

Complete the chain mail armor outfit with this battle ready pair of Chausses. 15 pounds of stainless steel alloy rings protect your lower limbs and joints, where plate armor is lacking. Each ring is solid 8 AWG steel for superb protection. Patterns of the rings follows the traditional 4 in 1 Interlocking method of construction. This pattern style produces an effective armor strength that doubles the steel gauge. It protects against all various weapon types including blades and projectiles. Overall Length: 51.5 Inches. Leg Length: 30 Inches. Thigh Width: 13 Inches. Foot Length: Size 8 to Size 11.5. Chain Link Diameter: 12 mm. Chain Link Pattern: 4 in 1 Interlocking. Fitment: Adult Sizes.