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Apocalypse 550 Paracord - Green 500ft

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Proven reliability, tested strength, Atlanta Slings & Things 550 paracord will deliver more performance than any other paracord available online. Made of all nylon with an outer jacket and 7 inner core yarns, this is the strongest 550 cord available today. Completely weather-proof and water or moisture resistant, this nylon cord will last more than a decade and still counting. Buying a 500 foot length is great for DIY projects and can be cut to fit. Now, it is even weaved into patterns and worn as a belt or bracelet when going on a hiking trip through the mountains.

Not a certified life-line, but is tested to hold 550lbs of weight only for our manurfacturer.

Overall Length: 500 Feet. Paracord Strength: 550lbs Test. Cord Sections: 2 Totaling 500 Feet. Number of Core Yarns: 7 Strands. Color: Neon Green, Highly Visible.